Arrow Season 3 Episode 1

Woah!! Loved the episode!! It was just spot on… Loved the banter between Ray and Felicity. Loved that Felicity was the one to walk away. Roy looks great!! Can’t wait to see where the writers take it for the rest of the season. The chemistry between Ray and Felicity is pretty awesome and of course all the Olicity feels…

Arrow- Live Blogging

Woah! that just happened!! Nice work all female characters of Arrow!! Well played Arrow writers!

Arrow-Live blogging

So…. that happened!!! Oliver loves Felicity! Huge!!! And Nyssa and Sara can fight! I love them.that fight in the tunnel was fantastic! Thea being a tad dumb… Roy being a hero and best of all DEADSHOT!!!

Arrow live-blogging

Loving all the kick-ass female characters on Arrow!

Arrow-Live blogging

Oh My God!! This episode and I missed the first 20 minutes of it. I’ve never been this involved in a TV show in a long long time!

Arrow writers continuing to write kick-ass and complex female characters.

Arrow-Episode 20 - Spoilers!

Moira…The most well-written character on Arrow is dead…:( amazing episode though!!

What an amazing episode of the arrow!! Loved it! I love the way they’re slowly writing Diggle and Felicity’s characters. Oliver was very raw and believable as well. Amazing!!

OK… A teensy heart-broken by tonight’s Arrow episode. I ship olicity as well but I’m so glad there are strong female characters who are also a little dark (Moira) and smart (Felicity!!!!).

Also can we talk about the epic scene between Moira and Felicity… It was fantastic. I also love that Felicity made the choice that she did. Oliver needs her more than she needs him (All it takes to get over heartbreak is a little time but who knows how difficult, possibly impossible to find a tech genius who is also super loyal and knows to keep her mouth shut!)

All in all, great episode….