Little things to be proud of

A few things to know about me before reading the post

  • I truly believe that capitalism is the only economic model that works
  • I’m not given to jingoistic patriotism
  • I am often critical of the Indian government and Indian society specifically for the way we treat women in our society

Now for the actual post….

I’m currently reading Fred Pearce’s The land Grabbers. It’s a book about land grabbing by millionaires and billionaires in some of the world’s poorest and most desperate regions. As I read it, I realized how much leadership and forward thinking Indian governments have been over the past 60 years. Like some of the African nations today, until the 1990s, India was poor, desperate and until the 70s, unable to feed its own ever-growing population. However, the Indian government did not resort to the desperate tactic of leasing its land to cash-rich foreign conglomerates or resort to industrial farming. By empowering the country’s own farmers, we have achieved only not only self sufficiency but also avoided some of the terrible consequences facing many of the African nations today.  By keeping foreign investment completely out of certain areas in agriculture, we may have missed out on a few dollars but we have definitely managed to keep our granaries and warehouses full, maybe even a little too full. We have also avoided some complex political and social problem along the way.

As Indians, we have a lot to be ashamed of, a lot to change and a lot to think about but we can be proud of some decisions made by our politicians and government over the years.

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